Our Story

FVL, P.S., came into being when, after 40 years of marriage, Steve and Bertha Fitzer decided it was time to practice law together.  Refuges from the Midwest, Steve and Bertha relocated to Tacoma in 1976 after Steve accepted a position with a general civil defense firm that eventually became Burgess Fitzer, P.S.L

About Steven Fitzer

A Fellow of the American College of Trial Attorneys, Steve brought the experience of trying nearly one hundred jury trials to verdict to the firm.  Bertha’s career took a more varied path, from a clerkship with the Washington State Supreme Court, a Masters in Law from Harvard Law School, years as a solo appellate lawyer and nearly a decade as a Pierce County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.

In 2013, Bertha and Steve founded their own firm dedicated to providing excellent advocacy.  From the start, Steve and Bertha wanted to create a quality firm that nonetheless emphasized family and service to the community over mandatory minimum billable hours.

About F2VM attorneys

Steve and Bertha looked to expand the firm with talented, like minded lawyers.  They asked Jennifer M. Veal to join the firm in 2015.  Jennifer rapidly was promoted to equity partner in February 2017.  The firm changed its name to Fitzer Fitzer Veal McAmis, P.S.

Our logo, FVL, is meant to convey our belief that as a team, we are stronger, better, and more successful advocates than any of us individually — a powerful team delivering a powerful defense to our clients.

Steve and Bertha Fitzer at Tacoma waterfront